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Rwanda Mushonyi Isimbi


Origin: Rwanda
LRutsiro district – Western Province
Altitude: 1827m
Variety: Bourbon
washed Isimbi
Roast date: Weekly fresh

Tasting notes: milk chocolate, mandarin, melon, brown sugar


The Mushonyi washing station is located in the Rutsiro district in Rwanda’s Western Province on the shores of Lake Kivu. It sits at an altitude of 1827. The station receives cherry from producers at altitudes from 1600 up to 1950m in the surrounding hills.

When producers deliver their cherry at Mushonyi, the washing station staff removes any lower quality cherries through flotation and visual inspection. Mushonyi has sorting tables and a trained staff only for this purpose. Given the high number of washing stations in Rwanda, the stations face high competition to receive cherry from the surrounding community. For this reason, they have to accept almost every delivery to prevent the producer to sell elsewhere with less hassle. With so much choice of buyers, he will always find a station that accepts his coffee. Hence, an important selection task has to be carried out by the washing station staff in order to produce the best coffees.

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