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KENYA Slopes Of 8


Origin: Kenya
Farm: Kirinyaga Country
Altitude: 1950m
Mountain: Mount Kenya
Variety: SL28
Roast date:
Weekly fresh

Tasting notes: red berries, brown sugar


Nowadays, approximately 55 % of all coffee production comes from smallholder farms. The number varies greatly from area to area (Kiambu 14%, Kirinyaga 72%, Machakos 80%). Smallholder farmers are organized in Cooperative Societies, which own the wet mills where farmers deliver ripe cherries. At wet mills (also known as factories) cherries are pulped and fermented for approximately 24 hours. After fermentation, coffee is soaked in tanks full of water and washed in channels.

Still at the washing channel, the wet parchment separates in different grades. P1 is the heaviest parchment, then P2 and finally lights (floaters). Any remaining cherries are removed and processed separately. Coffee dries on raised tables, a process which can take up to 3 weeks. At night and during the hottest periods, parchment is covered so that drying is homogenous. Dry parchment is then delivered to a centralized dry mill. The mill hulls, screens and grades the coffee prior to its marketing at the weekly auctions in Nairobi.

Approximately 90% of the entire coffee production is ‘washed’. The remaining 10% consists of usually unripe cherries that dry on trays in the sun. It can take up to 5 weeks for the coffee to dry with this method. The resulting low-grade coffee goes to market as ‘Mbuni’.

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