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Burundi Rugori Kirenzi


Origin: Burundi
Busiga Commune – Ngozi province
Process : Washed
Altitude: 1680m
Variety: Bourbon
Roast date: Weekly fresh

Tasting notes: apricot, brown sugar


Rugori was built in 1978 in the Busiga Commune in the Ngozi province. It lies at an altitude of 1,680m. The name ‘Rugori’ comes from the Kirundi word uru-gori which means ‘crown’. This washing station collects cherries from over 2,700 local coffee farmers spread over the 25 neighbouring collines. During the harvest season, Rugori processes more than 1,300 tons of coffee.

Coffee cultivation mostly takes place in the hills from 1500 to 1800 masl. Ngozi and Kayanza provinces are regarded as Burundi’s highest potential coffee growing regions. The red soils are fertile and the regions receive plenty of rainfall during the growing season. The region has a mild climate with average temperatures between 18 and 25°, depending on the altitude.

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